A Little About Auntie Em

A Letter From Auntie Em
In our home family meals are a big deal!  It’s the perfect place to make sure we get real solid time to sit and talk with one another.  Even in my extended family we get together once a week for Sunday dinner to catch up and talk.  Then of course theirs the holidays with the extended, extended family which of course includes food as well.  We just love how eating together also gets us to sit and talk with each other and catch up and continue to bond and stay close. There are so many foods we only get at certain events too.  The best part to me though is the traditions that invite us to bring all the famous family foods.  If you don’t have these traditions at home no worries!  Just start them your self, be the food and tradition pioneer of your family for generations to come
Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker

Heavenly Desserts That You'll Want At Every Party

Check out my kitchen to see some of my personal favorite kitchen appliances from places like Pampered Chef and Amazon.  Check out my kitchen and appliances store for many of the items I use to do my cooking.

Heavenly Desserts That You'll Want At Every Party

In my family we have certain desserts that we eat at certain parties or events.  We have done it for years and we all always get so excited for each one.  I just know you’ll love them too!

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Pampered Chef is my number one favorite way to cook anything.  If there is a Pampered Chef tool for me to use I will use it.  Food cooks amazing on the stoneware.  The flavor is always amazing and anything cooked on the stoneware for me cooks perfect all the way through!  You will notice many of my recipe pictures are on or near pampered chef tools.  I do use other products for sure, but this product has been my favorite for years

Grandma's Good, Old Fashion, Mouth Watering Recipes

All the Best Meals From When You And I Were Kids

Weekly Food Storage Plan For the Whole Year Here

Never ask your self again, why didn’t we think of that, or why didn’t we keep a food and supplies storage. Never panic again for example… We’re out of toilet paper and there is none in the stores to buy!!!!!!!!!!

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