Meet Auntie Em

My Story


Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Auntie Em. Well as you can see that is clearly not a picture of me, but I decided to become a hand drawn cartoon character for this site 🙂 And quite a good looking one at that, right?!?

Anyways here it is, I am a mother of 4, married to a great husband going on 20 years! I homeschool (yep call me crazy), use to run a small private school, I love anything out doors and I love to have homemade meals!  WHAT I LOVE the very most though is sitting down with all these delicious, family passed down (and some newer) recipes we make, and eating them with my family!  

Anytime we have people to eat over at my house or my mom's it's always crazy to me how many of these recipes they haven't ever had or in some cases ever even heard of!!!!!!! So it's time to share them.  

We have changed them many times and in many ways and these are recipes the way we like them.  So you can love them or hate them,  BUT WE LOVE THEM ALL.



Making Messes With Ingredients

Making Great Foods

Shoeing Dogs Out Of The Kitchen 

Not Caring About Health Facts

Dinner Family Bonding

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Pampered Chef - Order online and Get it sent right to your front door!

Pampered Chef is my number one favorite way to cook anything.  If there is a Pampered Chef tool for me to use I will use it.  Food cooks amazing on the stoneware.  The flavor is always amazing and anything cooked on the stoneware for me cooks perfect all the way through!  You will notice many of my recipe pictures are on or near pampered chef tools.  I do use other products for sure, but this product has been my favorite for years