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    Vanilla Peppermint Homemade Ice-cream

    Vanilla Peppermint homemade ice cream A Christmas heavenly treat! 1 Bag/box of peppermint candies1 Cup Evaporated milk (I like the Carnation )4 Cups sugar2 Pints Whipping creamdash Salt1 Tbls Vanilla6 Whole Eggs (Beaten with a fork)Milk whole milk To be added last as the last part 1 Bag Crushed ice1 Bag/box Rock salt Take the [...]
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    Apple Pie

    First let me just say I HATE pie! the mushiness is not my thing! For a Homeschool cooking class we decided to use our fresh apples from our apple trees and make canned apple pie filling. Honestly I thought I’d be giving it all away!!! We decided to make two apples pies from scratch and […] More

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    Homemade Ice cream

    Homemade Ice Cream on my dads side, all growing up is really the only dessert any of us care about, I mean there were others but none that are as important as the homemade ice cream. Not only is it still the highlight of my dads side of the family but it is a highlight […] More