Never Need to Panic Again

Never ask your self again, why didn’t we think of that, or why didn’t we keep a food and supplies storage. Never panic again for example… We’re out of toilet paper and there is none in the stores to buy!!!!!!!!!!

Below you will see a detailed plan, a week by week guide on what to buy from here on out so you NEVER have to go through a COVID-19 PANIC and mad dash to the store again!!!!!!!

Follow my plan closely DONT feel you need to buy a year supply all at once, just buy what you can afford each week. Its as simple as that and watch your storage build up. You will never have to feel panic again or fear of not having what you need. And feel free to cater it to your family for example if you hate peanut butter then DONT buy it. Just change it to Jelly or Honey if thats what you like.

I have been using this for years and I promise you will be so grateful down the road you listened to me.

“If you knew what I knew, you would pile it up in the middle of the floor, throw a cloth over it and walk around it!”

Harold B. Lee

“Surely we all hope that the hour of need will never come. Some have said, “we have followed this couple in the past and have never had need to use our year’s supply, so we have difficulty keeping this in mind as a major priority.” Perhaps following this counsel could be the reason why they have not needed to use their reserve.”

President James E. Faust

“We can begin ever so modestly. We can begin with a one weeks food supply and gradually build it to a month, and then to three months. I fear that so many feel that a Long-term food supply is so far beyond their reach that they made no effort at all. Begin in a small way…and gradually build toward a reasonable objective

President Gordon B. Hinckley


Week 1) Laundry and Dish detergents, bleach, cleaners such at tube, toilet, mirrors, counters (just add what extra you can )

Week 2) Medical supplies – aspirin, Tylenol, asthma medicine, tummy stuff, fever stuff, Vicks, whatever meds your family might need a lot of in a time of need when you can’t get to a doctor or a prescription filled. I personally use all natural remedies for everything I can, including my children asthma, allergies, and everything else. I also like dottera but don’t think you can wait until a covid-19 moment and your going to be able to get all this stuff cause it will be gone/sold out

Week 3) Powdered Milk (it takes 20-75 lbs per-person to last a year, don’t panic just get what you can easily afford and add more next year some is better then none

Week 4) Paper supplies – paper towel, toilet paper we definitely don’t want you to have to fight over those things like we’re seeing with covid-19 its insane. Also did you know you can set up with amazon to have your monthly box of toilet paper sent to your door! My husband made fun of me for ever for having so much toilet paper on hand! Guess who’s laughing now and guess who’s so grateful to his wife! YEP!!! any ways back to storage also consider paper plates, cups and so on, napkins, utensils.

Extended Items to consider adding: Flour 1lbs per person (thats a lot, just get a little at a time!), Baking Soda 1lbs per person, Baking powder 1lb per person, Cornstarch 1lb per person

Non Foods: Extra blankets, sheets, pillow cases, pillows

Water for cleaning, cooking, drinking, washing


Week 1) Juices: lemon, orange, grapefruit or powder juices like tang, kool-aid, or orange drink from cannery.

Week 2) Peanut butter.. creamy or crunchy. Don’t forget dehydrated butter.

Week 3) Solid shortening and or oils (corn, vegetable, canola, olive, peanut, sesame).

Week 4) Personal products: soap, deodorant, lotion, shampoo, shaving supplies, feminine products, toothbrushes.

Basic Storage items: powdered milk

Extended storage items: Sauces, hot sauce, Worcestershire, barbecue, A-1, soy etc.

Non-food storage items: disposable diapers, baby needs, make-up, cough drops, wash cloths, towels.

Water for all reasons listed in January

Water – It has been called “the most essential nutrient.” Every living creature depends on it to survive. a person can live for weeks without food, but significant damage can be done to your body in a matter of days without water. Fifty-five gallons of water is enough to sustain a family of four for a minimum of seven days, with enough water for drinking, cooking and light personal sanitation.


Week 1) First aid kit: gauze patches, Q-tips, cotton balls, bandaids, Neosporin, Calamine lotion, hydrogen peroxide..

Week 2) Mixes: pancake, muffin, bisquick, cookie, or make your own! Don’t forget to date when things are purchased.

Week 3) powdered milk. Rolled oats, 30lbs per person, Diapers & Wipes

Week 4) Non-food: flashlight, batteries, candles 30-10inches. Kerosene, oil or propane lanterns, and fuel, wood, coal, briquettes canned heat, matches, flint, steel wool. AGAIN DONT PANIC just decide what is most important and get what you can afford DONT BRAKE THE BANK baby steps!!!!!

Water! same as January


Week 1) 72 Hour kits. See WAY below after all the months for this info

Week 2) Powdered milk (40oz will make 5 gallons of milk) Honey lots of honey! I heard once you can live off of honey, I DON’T KNOW HOW TRUE THAT IS BUT I HAVE A LOT JUST IN CASE) Sugar, brown sugar, powder sugar, molasses, corn syrup

Week 3) Emergency sewing kit: Thread, pins, needles, buttons, snaps, zippers, tape, measuring etc…

Week 4) Pasta lots and lots of pasta also spices, dry onions, garlic, chicken bullion, beef bullion, seeds, vanilla, maple, other extracts, powdered eggs ( I actually like these a lot) again DON’T PANIC just decide what’s most import and add a bit extra to the shopping list.

Non-food items: can opener, wheat grinder, blender, aluminums foil, plastic wrap, bags, dutch oven, food dryer, fishing line, and hooks, garden seeds

Water just like in January


Week 1) Grains, wheat, rye bran, corn, barley, white and wheat flour, gluten free flour coconut flour etc… More sugars like week 2 of April

Week 2) Dry soups and soup or make your own mix from dehydrated veggies. crackers, saltines, graham crackers etc…

Week 3) Jell-o-gelatin, pudding mixes, cotton balls, gauze, Epsom salts, baseline, thermometer, ice bag, hot water bottle, heating pad, epic, medicine dropper, rubbing alcohol, first aid ointment, sunscreen, aloe vera, vinegar, first aid manual HOW TO HELP…, tweezers, prescription medications. AGAIN DON’T PANIC LOOK THROUGH THE LIST PICK JUST A FEW TOP NEEDED ITEMS AND AD WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO THE LIST A LITTLE IS BETTER THEN NOTHING.

Week 4) Garden seeds – corn, carrots, green beans, broccoli, peas, onions, tomatoes, squash, zuchinni, buy a shovel, gardening gloves, sun hat, plant some fruit trees (it take 3 years for proper fruit to come so plant now with the future in mind) (I bet you wish you had done this 3 years ago, don’t put it off again) and fruit bushes, maybe even a bee hive!

Extended items: Rice 50/60 lbs per person, Pasta 30lbs per person

Water like January


Week 1) Safety week! Matches, flashlight, batteries, don’t forget child proofing the home. HAND SANITIZER, Masks, Gloves as we have seen with COVID-19 these are in high demand and sooooooo hard to get!!!

Week 2) Freeze-a-cheese! shredded cheese is can be frozen so get a lot. 5lbs bags are great.

Week 3) Condiments: mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, pickles, olives, salad dressings, soy sauce.

Week 4) Printer ink and paper, those in Italy during covid-19 have to have doc notes to leave their house, well in order to do they have to have it emailed to them, then printed, if you want it printed to be able to leave then you better have ink and paper for your printer, in fact you will need a printer for that!

Extra Items – blankets, sleeping bags light weight and able to go below zero! new sheets and pillow cases?? thermal blankets.

Water like January


Week 1) Jellies, learn to make freezer jam and freeze it for a rainy day and Toilet Paper

Week 2) Water Jugs, bottled water, get a 5 gal jug and filler her up don’t forget to add bleach for water purification. You can google how much bleach to add.

Week 3) Freezer meals or go back to other weeks and buy what you didn’t buy before. Paper Towel

Week 4) Canned goods! Chili (yuck), soups, canned meats, beans, etc… Buy what your family likes


Week 1) Back to school supplies or how about like for those in Italy who are trapped in their houses, just fun supplies in general, things to do. Crayons, coloring books, craft stuff, family games and so on. Don’t forget office supplies, again if you can’t leave your home do you have the office supplies essentials you would need to work from home and school from home???

Week 2) Cooking spray, yeast. FEMININE PRODUCTS!!! Pads, tampons, and so on, do you need a certain kind? You won’t find them in a mass panic like we have now thank to covid-19 so stock up.

Week 3) Tomato week! Sauces, salsas, whole paste, pizza, spaghetti sauce.

Week 4) Do some fruit canning or drying, if not BUY IT! watch for sales MAKE SURE YOU ROTATE THROUGH IT, in fact do that with all you food. use it don’t waste it.

Water for all needs just like in January


Week 1) Vegi week! Green beans, corn, carrots, mushrooms, canned, freezer, dehydrated


Week 3) Medical supplies: Headache stuff, asthma stuff (Vicks vapo on your feet with socks on does wonders) ASK your neighborhood nutritionists what can you use thats all natural, ask your dottera reps what they have! Fever meds, tummy meds. BLADDER INFECTION all natural meds!!!! sore throat stuff I use all natural for everything! but doc meds are great if thats what you use. just make sure you never let your self run out either way.

Week 4) Iodized salt. Any salts, it can be a toothpaste. and help in many other areas flavor being one 🙂

Water just like in January


Week 1) 72 Hour kits listed below. Update it or start it if you haven’t already.

Week 2) Wraps and bags… Aluminum foil, garbage bags, twist ties, Freezer bags, plastic wrap, wax paper, etc… EXTRA TOILET PAPER. as we have now seen this is a very hot item and you definitely want to know you have plenty on hand!

Week 3) Do something with your fruit trees fruit! Pie filling, check out my pie filling recipe to get an awesome one and there are many more ways to do that and other fruits on Pinterest and they can, can for years and years!!! you can make sauces, jellies and so on! OR look back on past weeks and get more of what you weren’t able to get before.

Week 4) Stock up on vinegar, powdered eggs, powder cheese, powdered soups, dried fruits and veggies

Water for all the powdered food


Week 1) Powdered foods NOT the back packing packets to expensive and to little get the big cans at Costco and Walmart and YES those are actually pretty good!!! I have canned meats, soups, cheese, honey, butter and so on! these last for 25+ years I love this stuff and it will last a long time.

Week 2) Powdered foods NOT the back packing packets to expensive and to little get the big cans at Costco and Walmart and YES those are actually pretty good!!! I have canned meats, soups, cheese, honey, butter and so on! these last for 25+ years I love this stuff and it will last a long time. AND snacks stuff, fruit snacks etc…

Week 3) Instant Oatmeal, Cereals, DIAPERS, WIPES, Formula, Baby food

Week 4) Emergency Auto-kits (yes we have one in every car) Start one, buy one, update one. All info is below…..

Non-food – toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, shampoos, conditioners, razors, hair elastics, face wash

Water for the powder and dry foods


Week 1) Matches Strick any where! Water resistant matches, Generator!!! Propane, propane stove, Back packing Tent water proof and light weight, Hiking back packs.

Week 2) Popcorn, hot chocolate, cider mixes, sweet and condensed milk. FEMININE PRODUCTS!!!!!!

Week 3) Breathe and enjoy the holidays!!! or give your self the gift of items you still would like to add.

Week 4) Toilet Paper lots and paper towel lots.

Emergency 72 Hour Kit – cover all emergency needs – food, water, shelter, communication, and warmth, all items in each person back pack

Dry Pack – Whistle, flashlight, extra batteries, radio/walkie talkie, poncho, 12- hr light stick, 1 roll toilet paper, pocket knife, compass, pocket first aid kit, emergency blanket light weight (Costco has great ones in bags) water proof matches, soap, change of clothing (think ward you can always de-cloth you can’t warm up if not enough clothes) extra socks/undies

In a ziplock – information sheet, Childs name, age, bday, all families phone numbers, cash 50/100.00 each small bills. copy of ID and info about all of Childs health histories/surgeries/illnesses etc… do this for parents too.

Food/water – tuna fish, fruit cocktail, peanut butter/honey, granola bars, fruit snack, jerky, 2/3 water bottles

Other – Feminine hygiene needs, can opener, packing tent light weight and water proof, sleeping bag backpack style light weight and can go below zero degrees, sanitation kits, campers trowel, tool kit, diapers/infant needs

Pack each bag according to each Childs needs! Put in rooms on closet shelf if child can’t be trusted of if they can put under beds.

Sample 72 Hour Survival Food Kit –

2 hot chocolate powder packets, 2 cereal bars, 4 granola bars, 2 beef jerky, 2 fruit roll-ups, 2 packets crackers, 1 can apple juice, 1 can chicken noodle soup or tuna, 4 soup based packets, 12 pieces hard candy, 1 spoon, 1 2 liter soda bottle filled with water.

72 hour kit check list

Portable container located near and exit of your house. don’t over load it.

Each family member should have their own kit with food, clothes, and water. Distribute heavy item between the kits.

Enclose extra clothing, matches, personal documents and other items damaged by water or smoke in plastic to protect them.

Keep a light source in the top or your kit.

Personalize your kit. Made sure you fill the needs of each family member.

Inspect your kit at least twice a year. Rotate food and water. Check clothing sizes. Check expiration dates on batteries, light sticks, food, etc…

Consider the needs of elderly people, as well as those with handicaps of other special needs

Emergency Car Kit – Since winter transportation becomes more difficult, keep your car in tip operations condition and the gas tank as nearly full as possible. Also it is wise to carry a “winter storm kit” for safer winter travel.

Tow chain, Whistle, extra batteries, axe, signal flag, siphon hose, flares, army shovel, jack, jumper cables, road map (yes actual road map) rescue rope, flashlight, ice scrapers, pocket knife, compass (yes a real one), fire extinguisher, first aid kit, pencil and paper, tool kit, spare tire, oil and extra fluids, extra wiper blades, blankets, water, food, warm blankets.