August’s Back to School Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas. A Week by Week Guide

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August Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage. With Back to School Tips and Ideas

August the time for your kiddo’s to head back to school!

Back to school time is great. For some it’s because our kids go off to school and for others it’s because we get to homeschool. Either way, isn’t getting an education the best!!! I love to educate my kids and be educating myself in the process. Now is the time to get all the back to school deals as they will have been saying since June and already probably marked on clearance by now if not early August, definitely late Aug. Not only is it handy for school, church and just plain fun, but with cover-19 many were locked at home and have lots of this stuff around was like GOLD so there was lots for the kiddo’s to do.

Remember – When you buy your stuff remember to store the oldest date stuff in the front and rotate through it before its expired. The canned or bagged storage food has a 25 year shelf life (not canned beans and corn) actual stuff that has been packaged as food storage.

If you see an item say corn if it where me I might get fresh corn to eat but I would buy a Food Storage Large Can (made for food storage) of dried corn that will last for 25+ years. Sugar for example I will buy 6 thinks of sugar and put all but one in storage and rotate through it. and restock as needed.

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What to Buy in August….

Week 1) 

Back to school supplies or how about like for those in Italy who are trapped in their houses, just fun supplies in general, things to do. Crayons, coloring books, craft stuff, family games and so on. Don’t forget office supplies, again if you can’t leave your home do you have the office supplies essentials you would need to work from home and school from home???

Week 2) 

Cooking spray (I personally love all the avocado ones best) yeast. FEMININE PRODUCTS!!! Pads (I prefer seventh generation due to sensitive issues), tampons, and so on, do you need a certain kind? You won’t find them in a mass panic like we have now thank to covid-19 so stock up.

Week 3) 

Tomato week! Sauces, salsas, whole paste, pizza, spaghetti sauce. Milk (another hard thing to get in tough times. My favorite milk is Vanilla Almond Milk in the jug. One I love the flavor, two its good for me and 3 it can be stored for several months, not weeks. So you can buy a lot for storage.

Week 4) 

Do some fruit canning or drying, if not BUY IT! watch for sales MAKE SURE YOU ROTATE THROUGH IT, in fact do that with all you food. use it don’t waste it.

Water for all needs just like in January

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Written by Auntie Em

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