Septembers Easy to Follow Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas. A Week by Week Guide.

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September Easy to Follow Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness plan. A Week by Week Guide on what to add to your storage.

Sept – School has begun for all and the trees and bushes will be looking beautiful in no time!

The Fall kicks in gear soups, fall smells in the air, excitement for the holidays to come soon, and for us Nate King Cole. In my house you can hear Nate King Cole pandora station all day everyday (no tv) just Nate in the back ground while we learn, cook and play. Oh how I love the smells in the air outside too. Theres just something magical about that time of year.

Remember – When you buy your stuff remember to store the oldest date stuff in the front and rotate through it before its expired. The canned or bagged storage food has a 25 year shelf life (not canned beans and corn) actual stuff that has been packaged as food storage.

If you see an item say corn if it where me I might get fresh corn to eat but I would buy a Food Storage Large Can (made for food storage) of dried corn that will last for 25+ years. Sugar for example I will buy 6 thinks of sugar and put all but one in storage and rotate through it. and restock as needed.

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What to Buy in September….

Week 1) 

Vegi week! Green beans, corn, carrots, mushrooms, canned, freezer, dehydrated

Week 2) 


Week 3) 

Medical supplies: Headache stuff, asthma stuff (Vicks vapo on your feet with socks on does wonders) ASK your neighborhood nutritionists what can you use thats all natural, ask your dottera reps what they have! Fever meds, tummy meds. BLADDER INFECTION all natural meds!!!! sore throat stuff I use all natural for everything! but doc meds are great if thats what you use. just make sure you never let your self run out either way.


Week 4) 

Iodized salt. Any salts, it can be a toothpaste. and help in many other areas flavor being one 

Water just like in January

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Written by Auntie Em

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