February’s Easy to Follow Week by Week Emergency and Food Storage.

February's Easy to follow week by week food and emergency storage

February Is All About the Chocolate, Right!

February is a great time for Travel and Chocolate! Love is good to :). While you’re adding to your storage this month add in a treat or two 🙂 My personal favorite at this time is Chocolate Cinnamon bears (or plain cinnamon bears or lips) and the Strawberry Cream Lindt Lindor truffles YUMMY!!!!

Okay… When you buy your stuff remember to store the oldest date stuff in the front and rotate through it before its expired. The canned or bagged storage food has a 25 year shelf life (not canned beans and corn) actual stuff that has been packaged as food storage.

If you see an item say corn if it where me I might get fresh corn to eat but I would buy a Food Storage Large Can (made for food storage) of dried corn that will last for 25+ years. Sugar for example I will buy 6 thinks of sugar and put all but one in storage and rotate through it. and restock as needed.

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What to Buy in February….

Week 1)

 Juices: lemon, orange, grapefruit or powder juices like tang, kool-aid, or orange drink from cannery.

Week 2)

 Peanut butter.. creamy or crunchy. Don’t forget dehydrated butter.

Week 3) 

Solid shortening and or oils (corn, vegetable, canola, olive, peanut, sesame).

Week 4) 

Personal products: soap, deodorant, lotion, shampoo, shaving supplies, feminine products, toothbrushes.

Basic Storage items: powdered milk

Extended storage items:

Sauces, hot sauce, Worcestershire, barbecue, A-1, soy etc.

Non-food storage items: disposable diapers, baby needs, make-up, cough drops, wash cloths, towels.

Water for all reasons listed in January

Water – It has been called “the most essential nutrient.” Every living creature depends on it to survive. a person can live for weeks without food, but significant damage can be done to your body in a matter of days without water. Fifty-five gallons of water is enough to sustain a family of four for a minimum of seven days, with enough water for drinking, cooking and light personal sanitation.

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Written by Auntie Em

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