January Emergency Prepardness

food storage, emergency preparedness
January week by week, easy to follow shopping guide for your emergency preparedness and food storage

I have been Following this plan for years, and I can honestly say I have not had to worry or panic at all. While all the world was fighting over TP and sugar and canned food, I was able to sit back and chill. If you start now and just buy what you can each week (don’t go over board, there’s no need) just a bit at a time. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your storage in all areas grow. And go ahead and change what you don’t like to what you do.

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Week 1) Laundry and Dish detergents, bleach, cleaners such at tube, toilet, mirrors, counters (just add what extra you can )

Week 2) Medical supplies – aspirin, Tylenol, asthma medicine, tummy stuff, fever stuff, Vicks, whatever meds your family might need a lot of in a time of need when you can’t get to a doctor or a prescription filled. I personally use all natural remedies for everything I can (I use Daves Health and Nutrition, Good Earth and Doterra), including my children asthma, allergies, and everything else. I also like dottera but don’t think you can wait until a covid-19 moment and your going to be able to get all this stuff cause it will be gone/sold out

Week 3) Powdered Milk (it takes 20-75 lbs per-person to last a year, don’t panic just get what you can easily afford and add more next year some is better then none

Week 4) Paper supplies – paper towel, toilet paper we definitely don’t want you to have to fight over those things like we’re seeing with covid-19 its insane. Also did you know you can set up with amazon to have your monthly box of toilet paper sent to your door! My husband made fun of me for ever for having so much toilet paper on hand! Guess who’s laughing now and guess who’s so grateful to his wife! YEP!!! any ways back to storage also consider paper plates, cups and so on, napkins, utensils.

Extended Items to consider adding: Flour 1lbs per person (thats a lot, just get a little at a time!), Baking Soda 1lbs per person, Baking powder 1lb per person, Cornstarch 1lb per person

Non Foods: Extra blankets, sheets, pillow cases, pillows

Water for cleaning, cooking, drinking, washing

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Written by Auntie Em

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