June’s Easy to Follow Week by Week Food Storage/Emergency Preparedness Plan

June Easy to follow Week By Week emergency and food storage plan

Summer Time is the Best!

Summer is the best! Don’t you just love all the warmth and sun. Playing outside, reading a good book while getting a tan. Laying out and so on, right?!? I just love summer! When you do your storage for this month just get what you can and maybe think of things to add IF your able like a small pool, or water guns. You know, things that will help you to have fun if you ever had to be quarantine at home.

When you buy your stuff remember to store the oldest date stuff in the front and rotate through it before its expired. The canned or bagged storage food has a 25 year shelf life (not canned beans and corn) actual stuff that has been packaged as food storage.

If you see an item say corn if it where me I might get fresh corn to eat but I would buy a Food Storage Large Can (made for food storage) of dried corn that will last for 25+ years. Sugar for example I will buy 6 thinks of sugar and put all but one in storage and rotate through it. and restock as needed.

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What to Buy in June….

Week 1) 

Safety week! Matches (Strike anywhere), flashlight, batteries, don’t forget child proofing the home. HAND SANITIZER, Masks, Gloves as we have seen with COVID-19 these are in high demand and sooooooo hard to get!!!

Week 2) 

Freeze-a-cheese! shredded cheese is can be frozen so get a lot. 5lbs bags are great.

Week 3) 

Condiments: mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, pickles, olives, salad dressings, soy sauce.

Week 4) 

Printer ink and paper, those in Italy during covid-19 have to have doc notes to leave their house, well in order to do they have to have it emailed to them, then printed, if you want it printed to be able to leave then you better have ink and paper for your printer, in fact you will need a printer for that! Pool, Squirt guns, water toys for the house, beach towels,

Extra Items –

blankets, sleeping bags light weight and able to go below zero if possible! new sheets and pillow cases?? thermal blankets.

Water like January

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Written by Auntie Em

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