May’s Easy to Follow Week by Week Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness

May Food Storage, Emergency preparedness a weekly guide


May Flowers are popping up all over the place! Outside everywhere you go is so beautiful. My favorite to see is the flowered trees and the tulips popping up every where. The Sun is shining and the warmth feels so nice. The kids are getting more energy too and wanting/needing to be outside more.

Many of have experienced Cover-19 these last few months and realized oh my goodness why didn’t I think to have that in storage??? Toilet paper, sugar, paper towel, medicines, first aid and so on….. I have followed this plan for a very long time and can honestly tell you I have not had to panic at all! We have bought little by little every week following this guide. I Just start with the essentials then as it comes around next year start adding what I missed last year or adding to the things from last year. You really don’t need to brake the bank. Just follow this each week and get what you can afford extra of and put it into storage.

Remember to store the oldest date stuff in the front and rotate through it before its expired. The canned or bagged storage food has a 25 year shelf life (not canned beans and corn) actual stuff that has been packaged as food storage.

If you see an item say corn if it where me I might get fresh corn to eat but I would buy a Food Storage Large Can (made for food storage) of dried corn that will last for 25+ years. Sugar for example I will buy 6 thinks of sugar and put all but one in storage and rotate through it. and restock as needed.

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Weekly Guide – Just do what you can each week

Week 1) Grains, wheat, rye bran, corn, barley, white and wheat flour, gluten free flour coconut flour etc… More sugars like week 2 of April

Week 2) Dry soups and soup or make your own mix from dehydrated veggies. crackers, saltines, graham crackers etc…

Week 3) Jell-o-gelatin, pudding mixes, cotton balls, gauze, Epsom salts, baseline, thermometer, ice bag, hot water bottle, heating pad, epic, medicine dropper, rubbing alcohol, first aid ointment, sunscreen, aloe vera, vinegar, first aid manual on HOW TO HELP…, tweezers, prescription medications. AGAIN DON’T PANIC LOOK THROUGH THE LIST PICK JUST A FEW TOP NEEDED ITEMS AND AD WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO THE LIST A LITTLE IS BETTER THEN NOTHING.

Week 4) Garden seeds – corn, carrots, green beans, broccoli, peas, onions, tomatoes, squash, zuchinni, buy a shovel, gardening gloves, sun hat, plant some fruit trees (it take 3 years for proper fruit to come so plant now with the future in mind) (I bet you wish you had done this 3 years ago, don’t put it off again) and fruit bushes, maybe even a bee hive!

Extended items: Rice 50/60 lbs per person, Pasta 30lbs per person

Water like January

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Written by Auntie Em

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